Fluid Art – Paint Pour Workshop

[cvm_video id=”18231″]

Note: the screen goes blank in the middle of this workshop for a few minutes.  Stay on, I come back!

Join owner, Sarah Williams, in this virtual workshop.  In this painting workshop we will be using products to create Fluid Art on canvas.  Perfect for any room in your house or office!

Your supply list for this workshop includes:

  1. Something to catch the paint in, I used a box, you can use just a plastic tablecloth, or plastic tray, or anything you have handy.
  2. canvases, any size.  I am using 12×12 in this video
  3. Paint 4-5 colors, I am using Bungalow 47 paint (you can use any paint type)
  4. Floetrol (this is what you mix with your paint to make it fluid)  You can purchase this in a hardware store, or I’ve added it to my Amazon shop, link below
  5. Silicone drops (in the form of Treadmill Oil), this is also available in my Amazon shop.
  6. Latex gloves, paper towels, plastic cups, popsicle sticks or paint stir sticks


Don’t forget to post your final pics in the Creative Club private fb group so I can see!  Have fun!

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