DIY Color Block Wall

When we moved into our new house, my 13 year old son’s only request was a cool backdrop for his YouTube videos.  He had no ideas or suggestions and left the creativity to me.  He just picked out this new comforter set, and it instantly hit me to create a DIY color block accent wall.

Here is how I painted this
DIY Color Block Wall

I started by taping the edges of the wall to create a border.  Then the fun began.  I just randomly created tons of triangles and polygons all over the wall.  No pattern, no reason, just lots of different sizes.

Once I had the tape down well, I painted a “sealing” layer on top of the tape in the same color as the wall.  This will help seal the edges of the tape and make my lines crisper. This wall does have some texture, so it was important to do this step.  Make sure not to completely cover the tape, you need to be able to see it when painting in your blocks.

After the sealing layer is completely dry, start filling in each section with a different color.  We chose 3 colors: black, dark gray, and royal blue. You can certainly choose more colors, but don’t go overboard with it.  We did these randomly as well.  Just try not to get too many of the same color right next to each other and it will look great!

We are using Valspar Ultra, purchased at Lowe’s for all our paint colors.  It’s a paint + primer and covered so well.  The blue and gray needed only one coat.  The black needed 2 coats.  Use small rollers for precision and ease.

We let the paint dry for an hour and were so anxious we started peeling the tape to see what we got.  It was awesome, but we did have a little bleed through.  This was expected due to the texture on the walls.  At this point I had to sit back and admire my work!

I loved it and hoped my son did too!

We followed up with a 1/4″ angled decorative paint brush to touch up the wall color where the paint bleed through the tape.  This only took a few minutes but made a HUGE difference in the final look.

It's YouTube official,
"coolest backdrop ever, Mom!"

He’s been loving it ever since.  The best thing about something like a DIY color block wall, is it’s timeless and can grow with him.

Just look at that FACE! 😍 This guys big smile makes it so worth all the work!

I really enjoyed planning and painting this fun DIY color block wall. If you’re looking for more accent wall ideas you should check out my DIY Wood Herringbone Wall here

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